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At this point, most of you are already ready to engage in a designer for your business website or highly considering about it. You might be curious to know what’s the process of a website creation, the timeframe and what contribution do you have to make in order to create a well-rounded functional website. This article will help you understand how we go about creating a well-designed website specially catered to your business.



Website Design Brief Data Collection
Upon enquiry, we will usually send out a web design brief to collect relevant data that is necessary to come up with a quote. In this brief, we will get to know more about the nature of your business, your target audience, what do you want to sell, some designs that you like and functions you want to have on your website. This is one of the most important steps and we will always advice our clients to spend a little more time to really understand what they are looking for with this website. The last thing you want is a website that you spend alot of money on that serves no purpose to your end goals. A well-rounded website is not just a designers job but also your job to convey your goals and purpose for the website so we can give you the best solution.



Quotation Proposal and Confirmation of Project
Once we have reviewed your brief which will take about 1-3 working days, we will then send over a quote for the project. If the quote is within your budget, then we may proceed to confirm and start the project. At this point we will also advice on the timeframe and materials necessary for the project.



This is also another important role that you will have in this whole design process which is to provide content such as photos and write-up to be used. If you are selling products, it is best to have your own photos. These days, our phone camera is so advanced sometimes you don’t need fancy high-end gear for a decent product photo. If unsure, do contact us for advice on how you can set up for your product photoshoot with things you already have. For general photos, we have two options, first is to purchase stock images or to obtain copyright-free photos. The latter will be limited on choices but it’s something that can be considered if you’re short on budget. It’s important to have some lifestyle photos as images of people creates a feeling of trust and gives live to the design overall. We understand that not everyone is word savvy and can prepare their own content, if that’s the case we can provide additional services to write content for you but we will be requiring another session of interview or brief to understand your business and goals for the content writing.



Mockup Homepage & General Theme Design Proposal
Once we have gathered all the necessary information, this is where we start officially conceptualizing and building the visual of your website. The homepage is the first thing people see when they visit your website, kind of like the first impression when someone meets you for the first time. This page has to be visually pleasing and delivers the message clearly. In modern design standards, we do not practice cluttering up the homepage and simply slapping users with information left and right, it’s crucial to get a clear bold message on what you are about and maybe have some helpful links or sections to pages or information. If you’re hosting an ecommerce store, then it’s important to display a few ‘Most Popular’ products on the front to attract your users to click into them. Remember, less is more so do not expect to see a very packed homepage design. We highly believe in only putting out what is necessary on the homepage and nothing distracting. The goal is to get your users to click on your selling points and not stray away. The homepage is also an idea where you can grasp on what your theme is going to look like. The entire website will be using the same header, footer, colour scheme and set of fonts for a more uniform look. A design draft will normally take about 3-5 working days and each revision turn-around is around 1-3 working days.


What goes on behind closed doors for the designers?

  1. Drafting a sitemap
  2. Look for inspiration and ideas on how to convey your message
  3. Sketching a mockup for the layout on pen and paper
  4. Visualize a theme colour
  5. Start designing the layout
  6. Source for photos
  7. Testing out different typeface
  8. Review and add finishing touches to the overall layout



Building and Content Populating
After we get the final approval for the homepage concept we will then proceed to build the site online with a content management system or a static HTML. This will be the longest phase as we are populating the inner pages and doing tons of debugging aswell. Timeline for this depends on the scale of your website, on average a simple basic website takes around 4-8 weeks excluding public holidays in between. During this phase, we will be updating you periodically on our progress and we may also require additional material if we feel necessary.


Why does it take that long? Here’s a glimpse of what we do

  1. Organize materials for each page
  2. Installing CMS to backend or preparing the HTML files
  3. Turning the entire homepage we just designed into codes, yes literally codes. There’s no tool to drop and drag
  4. Creating pages, adding photos,content and more codes
  5. Adding functions like links and scripts to run on your site
  6. Integrating social media, ecommerce function and newsletter etc to your website
  7. Testing the website on different devices to see if it’s responsive and this leads to more codes!
  8. Debugging and re-coding
  9. Check and re-checking everything!



Review and Testing Stage
Once we have your site fully coded online, we will inform you to take a look and see how everything looks before publishing your site. At this time, we may also encounter some bugs and there may also be changes to be made. We welcome changes that concern the content of the website, however changes to the overall structure is be charges additionally and also pushing back the timeline. This is why we stress, it’s important to take time and really review the layout during the design proposal stage.



Now everything is working beautifully, you are ready to launch your website. However, do take note that there’s still work to be done to market your website so people know about it. Learn more on 5 Simple and FREE ways to market your business online. If you’re new to my website and you will like to engage in my services please get in touch with me today and request for a FREE quote.