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Most people will assume that as soon as your website is up and running, you will immediately start generating sales. But that’s simply not the case. There’s 3 main principles that you will want to achieve with your business online.

  1. Reach
  2. Engagement
  3. Conversion


Now what does this mean exactly?


Let’s touch briefly on these 3 principles. Reach. This is where you want to reach out and get new audiences to your website. Engagement. You will want your users to interact with your website and build a relationship with you and your brand in turn generating leads. Conversion. Eventually you will want these leads to convert on your site meaning making a transaction for your goods and services.


Now that you know these 3 principles, you may want to start taking steps to apply this to your business. There’s tons of ways on how you can market your business online and offline. If you’re not interested in taking up the marketing side of things, you can always hire a social media marketer to get the job done for you as it can be quite time consuming if you’re doing it yourself. But if you’re just starting out and you want to know how you can do simple marketing online for FREE then keep reading.


  1. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your arsenal and it’s mostly free to use. Determine which social media will be useful for your business and create an account right away. I always recommend Facebook to be one of the social media outlets as it’s easy to integrate ecommerce features and utilize Facebook ads in future when you’re ready to invest. So what can do you do on social media for your business? Firstly, you can use it to introduce your product or services. Remember, do not be pushy, spammy or sales-y when you’re promoting. You want to sound authentic and relatable so that people will be more interested to like your page for more updates. Second, you can publish links and helpful tips and articles that will direct people to your website. An example of this would be say you’re selling health supplements on your website, you could publish an article that is related to health and then provide a link in your status to your website or to a specific product that is inline with the article on your site. Third, you can create attractive images with discount codes to purchase on your website. Discount codes are a great way to attract potential buyers because let’s be honest who doesn’t like the word Discount. It’s important to note that social media should be used as a tool to reach more people and direct them to your website, it’s not a place for you to pitch sales on a daily. You can also use social media as a way to connect to people and answer enquiries and offer customer service solutions.


2. Email Newsletter Subscription

Inline with social media, email marketing is also another great way to obtain reach and continuously be in touch with them. Take advantage of free email newsletters such as MailChimp to get your message across. Of course you will need to have the subscription form ready on your website in order to get people to sign up. Talk to your web designer about this if you want this feature. You can send out news about your latest product, ongoing sales, pre-order notice, helpful articles and more. Treat your list with care and encourage them to visit your website. Do not spam them with too much product sales, a good mix of helpful information and coupon codes alongside promoting your products will encourage your leads to stay subscribed.


3. Give Back To Your Audience

When encourage users to sign up to your email marketing, offer them a discount code or a freebie as a thank you for signing up. This will not only encourage users to sign up but with strategic planning you can also generate more sales from doing so. An example of this will be offering a 20% discount on first purchase upon signing up. There’s also various ways can you apply this strategy such as hosting a contest on your website or social media. You can also offer a gift with purchase, reward points for every amount spent on your site, birthday treats and voucher for next purchase. Talk to your web designer about this if you want to know which strategy is the best for your business.


4. Use Other Channels to Sell your Products

I know, you just invested in an ecommerce website and here I am telling you to use other channels to sell. Here’s the thing, think about it this way your website is new and it will take months of hard work to get it out there and actually reach people. Meanwhile, there’s other platforms available such as marketplaces where you can sell your listings for FREE or with a subscription fee. These platforms can help boost your visibility online and reach out to direct audience who are already interested in buying a product in the first place. So if there’s already marketplaces available, why do I need a website then? Good question. Your website is like your online business card and all in one place where users can interact and get information they need. It also creates a more trustworthy feeling that you are selling genuine products and also a place for customers to contact and make enquiries. Eventually when you’re able to generate your own unique clients from your website alone then you may switch over completely to exclusively selling on your platform. Some e commerce marketplace that you can use includes Shopee, Lazada, 11street, Qoo10 and more.


5. SEO and Writing Content for the Web

When writing content for your website, it’s important to take into considering what keywords to use and how to make your content interesting. If you’re not skilled with writing your own content then do invest in hiring a copywriter specializing in web writing to help you out. When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization)  you cannot exactly just punch in a bunch of keywords and expect your site to be on the first page of Google anymore, you have to WORK for it. Firstly provide useful content that links back to your services or articles, be consistent with putting out quality content and provide content that your audience actually wants. Alongside that you will also need to ensure that you’re using relevant titles and tags, SEO-friendly images and that site loads fast. There’s so many factors when it comes to SEO and web writing, talk to your developer if you need them to optimize your website for you.


So that’s it folks, 5 Simple and FREE ways you can market your business online. The next article in this category, we will be talking about ways you can invest to market your business online.