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Having a goal for your website helps keep you on track with your business and also allowing it to continuously grow. Some of you might be guilty of setting up a website without actually knowing what’s the purpose of it and what return of investment should you be expecting to get out of the website. In this article you will learn about different types of goals and strategies you can consider to get more long term results on your website.


Why should you create a website?

You have a business and now you want to take it online. Whether your business is solely an online business or both physical and online or a service, it is important to put yourself online so that people can easily find you and take action immediately. The following are different types of conversion you can get out of your website:


  • Sell products on your website
  • Get sale leads from your website
  • Collect appointments and bookings
  • Enable users to make enquiries


Types of Goals

It’s important to pick a goal that is suitable for your business so that you can allocate your budget to invest in creating features and marketing strategies. Find out why you are creating this website in the first place and what do you want it to do for you.


  1. To engage with your audience or get your audience to interact with you and your brand
  2. To generate results on your website which essentially is turning your leads into conversions
  3. To increase visibility of your business (increase word of mouth digitally)
  4. To build your reputation online (customer reviews)
  5. To build credibility and status for your business or brand
  6. To market leadership
  7. To put your business or brand at a competitive advantage (why your product is better than others)


How to generate more return of investments on my website? 

A beautiful website helps encourage your users to stay and keep coming back for more but it also has to be user friendly, functional and useful to your users. If you are selling products then you can utilize your website to be an ecommerce store where users can purchase and make payments directly. If you are selling a service, you can collect data from email subscriptions to continuously engage and generate sales leads. Or if you’re providing a physical service in store such as beauty salon you can use your website to collect bookings and also sell packages to be used in-store.


Your website can have more than one objective, example if you’re running a beauty salon, you can collect bookings, sell packages to be used in store, sell products online, collect leads to promote your latest services and send out vouchers. The possibilities are endless.


By implementing marketing strategies, you can utilize the features you have built on your site to attract your audience to keep coming back and converting more sales overtime. These strategies include:


  • Loyalty rewards such as coupon codes, birthday gifts
  • Reward point system for purchases, bookings, reviews etc
  • Coupon code or free gifts upon sign up
  • Contest (social media campaigns)


Building an effective, goal-orientated website is an investment. You need to monitor how well it’s doing for your business, if a strategy doesn’t work over a certain period of time then move on and focus on a new one. We always tell our clients that in order to get your first sales online, you must first give to your audience.