Top 5 important and proven tips to grow your Instagram

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Instagram has been growing big in the past few years, so much so that alot of big brands are now joining in on this new social media marketing train. Instagram can be really powerful if you use it correctly for your business. Gone are the days where Instagram was used as a photo editing app. It is now a marketing powerhouse that is on the rise with Facebook. Here’s 5 important tips on how you can grow your Instagram.


#1 Find a niche for your Instagram account

Successful accounts have a niche where all posts are related in a way. Finding a niche can help you reach the right quality target audience. Having a niche also creates a successful brand image and awareness to reach out to sponsorships and companies that are potentially interested in using you to promote their products and services. Instagram is a wide sea of niche from cooking, travel, fitness, art… literally the sky’s the limit. When you find a category that you’re interested with make sure your content and photos are atleast 90% related to that topic.


#2 Post relevant and useful content

Like in point #1 about finding your niche, your content should be relevant to your brand. Do not post anything that is not related as it may not be interesting to your audience and also less appreciated. It’s also beneficial if your posts is useful and can help your audience. Useful posts tend to get more likes and shares, which can lead to you being on the popular or featured pages. Creating content that can be viral for a cause is also great as it can lead to more brand exposure. Utilize hashtags to your advantage for better content discovery.


#3 Post high quality photos

Instagram is very image heavy as compared to Facebook thus your images should be interesting and high quality. Do not post poor quality photos as it can affect your brand image and it’s also less desired by your audience. You can choose to hire a professional photographer or take up some photo taking skills on Skillshare to improve your photography. Make use of photo editing apps such as VSCO, photoshop etc to enhance your photo and make it more interesting.


#4 Engage with your audience

The last thing you want to do is have beautiful photos and useful content on your Instagram post but no engagement. Talk to your audience! Ask them questions. Even something as simple as ‘What’s everyone eating for lunch today?’ is engagement. It shows that you’re ready to invest in your audience and people love that. Successful social media marketing is often the ones where brands are ready to connect to join the conversation. People love it when there’s human interaction with brands rather than robotic replies and unknown faces to brands.


#5 Give back

Hosting a giveaway to spread your brand message and create more awareness has been proven to be very effective in social media marketing. Make sure you only host giveaways once your account has a substantial amount of followers and you have been posting good content regularly if not you can come off as scammy rather than genuine. When hosting giveaways, encourage your followers to like, engage and share your content. Giveaway gifts can also be your own products so that your followers has a chance to try out something from you aswell.


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