1. I’m new to this whole website thing, how does the whole process work?
Worry not, we are here to give you a full breakdown before you sign on with us. Firstly you will be reviewing your options and budget for the right domain and hosting plan for your website then you’re ready to move on to the actual website design and development process. To know more, we’ve written out a detailed post here for you to read.

2. How much does a website cost?
The cost of your website depends on a variety of factors such as how many pages will your website have, the complexity of design and development required, functionality and added features/campaigns to market your website. Our most basic plan for a 5-pager starts at RM 2,500. Submit your request for a quotation today to know how much your dream website costs.

3. How long does it take for my website to be completed?
For a basic website we will say anywhere between 5-8 weeks. Timeline of the project depends on how big and complex the website is and how responsive client communication is when we are waiting for feedback and materials.

4. Can we trust you?
Instead of simply saying Yes, you can. We’ll just say please refer to our broad range of portfolio and testimonials on the homepage from reputable clients and company. If you’re unsure do hit us an email. We believe that having a relationship that clicks and is trusting on both ends is the fundamental to a great business relationship.

5. Am I able to update my own website?
It depends. We work exclusively on WordPress platform to build your website. If you or someone in your business has coding (html/css) knowledge then it is possible to fully edit your own website. If not, we advice against editing the main frame of your website since it’s a high possibility for accidentally misplacing the codes or deleting them entirely which leads to you spending more time and money to fix it back again. You are able to create blog posts, upload images to gallery and edit some simple pages on your website for the most part. If you have an ecommerce website then you are able to upload and manage your products and sales.

6. Will I be thought on how to update my website?
We will provide you a basic pdf on how to maneuver the backend of your website. WordPress is so widely used that you shouldn’t encounter a problem finding a tutorial online for something you wish to do. We are working on compiling an online tutorial readily available here just for you.

7. Can you design my company logo and corporate materials?
Yes we can. Please have a look at our logo and graphic design portfolio.

8. How can I get to the first page of Google search results?
Ahh, the million dollar question. Truth is, there is no shortcut solution to get you there. Over the years Google has been updating their policy and making it more strict for you to simply just get to the first page. The basic solution we provide is designing and building SEO friendly website and optimizing for mobile and tablets. Other things we do to consider is writing an SEO friendly content for your website, updating or adding new content regularly, engaging with your audience, observing analytics and experimenting with different strategies and also utilizing other channels to reach more users such as Facebook and marketplaces. All these steps combined will help boost your ranking overtime.

9. If I do all the steps above, how long will it take to get better ranking? 
It takes time, a long time. Realistically, once your website is live it takes around 6 months or more before it is being indexed by search engines. We encourage our clients to be active on social media and engage with audiences to push traffic to your website. Social media marketing is key in today’s society and it’s something that you should consider investing into.

10. I need an online presence but I don’t have a budget for a full blown website. Can you still help?
YES. How? Social media, particularly Facebook. It’s not free but we can help you design a professional brand, utilize the store function to start selling and invest in Facebook ads to reach new leads. Don’t know what to post? We got you covered. We offer monthly engagement post designs and ideas on how to connect with your audience.