Quoted Price
Quote stated is only valid for a duration of 2 weeks. After that in which, we may have price differences. Quoted price is a rough estimate of the project in which an accurate quote will be presented in an invoice if there’s further add-ons or discussions that may affect the current pricing.


Rush Fee
If you are in a rush and need the project completed sooner than our recommended dateline, we offer special ‘rush rates’. Rush rates vary depending on how soon the project is needed and also if it requires work on non-working hours (i.e weekends & public holidays). Rush projects are subject to availability only.


Stalled Projects
If at any time during the design process we have lost communication or never heard back for reviews within a period of 3 months without notice, there will be a ‘start-up’ fee of RM 200 to resume where we have left off or you will be automatically moved to our new packages in which you have to pay for the remaining balance from your original package whichever applies.


All services require an advance non-refundable deposit of 50% of the project quotation total before the work is supplied to the customer for review. The remaining will be due upon completion of the work. We reserve the right to ask the full amount of any extra material required for purchase in this project (stock photo purchase, purchased fonts etc…). We will not purchase any extra material for your design until you pay the full amount for it. However, any additional purchase will only be taken into consideration if the client wishes to do so. For larger scale projects, there will be a halfway completion payment before proceeding to complete the project. Percentage will be discussed based on project value.


Final Payment
Studio15 strongly urge our clients to make the final payment as soon as the final artwork has been delivered. We will not tolerate late payments over 1 week and an interest fee will be billed at a 10% rate every week after the final handover has passed a duration of 3 weeks. Alteration on payment schedule must be discussed beforehand and is subjected to our approval. The final artwork will be released upon full payment. If final payment remains uncollected, Studio15 has the right to revoke any artwork online and offline.


Design Process
You will be required to fill up a project questionnaire beforehand to help us understand your needs better. We will provide a brief and quotation breakdown upon reviewing your answers. The quoted price is subjected to change if there should be any additional requests and such. The timeframe of the project will be extended if it is difficult to contact you or receive feedback during the design process. You should also supply us full materials necessary to assist with the project.


We use email as our preferred means of communication. Emails help us keep track of feedbacks and request. If you have any questions, you can also shoot an email directly to us, we usually respond within 24 hours. Phone consultation can be arranged upon request but we encourage making an appointment via email beforehand. Face-to-face meetings is not recommended due to time constraints, however if it’s possible for us we will be happy to arrange a meet-up on the first briefing. Additional meet-ups will be billed under consultation fees.


Grammatical errors and details
The client is 100% responsible for proofing the materials. Though we will help with looking for errors, we will not be liable for errors or omissions in spelling or content.


Pixel Fifteen Studio does not offer printing services as part of our design. We will forward the necessary files needed for print usually in PDF to assist with your printing job. We are not responsible for any colour, material, print effects, grammar/spelling and alignment differences that occur post printing. Clients must review and confirm all details as seen on final files with Studio15 during handover. We always recommend doing a test print as errors with colours, alignments etc occur pretty frequently during printing. Do bare in mind that screen colours will always differ from print.


Domain & Hosting
Domain and hosting fees are to be born by clients, we do not include it in our website design and development package unless stated. We may help you make purchase with a small fee on top of it however we are not responsible for your hosting and domain name issues. Any problems are to be dealt directly with the vendor unless you have opted for management and maintenance services from Studio15. We will remind you of your yearly domain and hosting renewal, however we are not responsible if you failed to make payment by due date.


Source Files
Pixel Fifteen Studio does not give out out working source files freely unless stated. If you should require source files it will be up to our consideration. There will be additional fees for source files. Pricing is determined by the type of project. If you need us to re-create the artwork in a different source file format, there will also be additional charges as it consumes time. Therefore if you need the file to be in a certain output please advise before starting the project or we will determine what is the best working platform to produce the artwork.


Every project has revisions. Pixel Fifteen Studio reserves the right to determine which revisions are considered billable i.e minor changes are usually acceptable. Minor changes up to three times is acceptable for all artworks. Website draft design must be confirmed before proceeding to coding. During coding stage, any changes concerning the structure and layout of the website will be billed separately. We also appreciate if the amendments come in one batch so it’s easier to keep track and not miss out any changes. Any amendments minor or major after project handover will be billed additionally. We encourage our clients to take some time to fully evaluate the artworks before coming back with the feedbacks so that every feedback is valuable and thus saving your time aswell as ours.


Business Hours
At Pixel Fifteen Studio we practice normal business hour schedule. You may contact us anytime from Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Any queries after business hours will be attended to on the following business day.


Terms & conditions are subjected to change without prior notice. Always read and understand the terms before paying the initial deposit to secure the project. Any disagreement after that will not be subjected for a refund. If you have any questions feel free to ask us at divya@pixelfifteen.com